11 Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet and Problems With Everything Else

“The ### diet  is the only effective diet, which, not only will result in losing you extra pounds, and maintain your ideal weight, it also armors your body against illness”

Each year there is a new diet surfacing, appearing itself as the only effective one, “cancelling” everything else – the weird is the each year, each one of these diets acquire a reasonable and a sizeable chunk of “followers” who in despair, start to implement them,

Diet names as Atkins, the Star diet, the chemical diet, the …pineapple diet, the cabbage diet … each one of these diets have something that is missing. Most of them deprive your body from essential nutrients, which in turn, the people that follow them not only have nutrition problems, but also psychological problems later on.

Here is a list of the most common problems that are mentioned when following diets like the above:

  • Iron problems
  • Dehydration
  • Irritations
  • Being tense
  • Sweating
  • Weakness
  • Accelerated heart beat
  • Hair loss
  • Muscle mass loss
  • Anger
  • Aggressiveness

Contrary to the above, following a balanced Mediterranean diet plan, you have much to gain!

Here are the 11 Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet:

  1. Reducing the bad cholesterol levels
  2. Adjustment of sugar into the normal levels
  3. Plenty of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients
  4. Antioxidant armoring of the body
  5. Maintenance and increase of muscle mass
  6. Reduction of the fatty elements – you will see results in your waistline!
  7. No aching at the lower parts of your body – feet, legs and so forth
  8. Breath elimination problems
  9. Increasing the quality of sleep
  10. Your bones become more elastic
  11. No hunger feeling while dieting, if you follow the Mediterranean plan

To have the above results, your diet must follow all Mediterranean diet rules:

1. All foods must be present (meat, veg, fish, olive oil – hey, no chocolate or sodas here!)

2. Enough food consumption, so as not to feel hungry

3. Simple, easy mouthful nutrition

4. With the above, you will start losing 8- 10 pounds monthly

5. Frequent exercise.




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