Now that summer is approaching and there is less rain (well, hopefully), you can start your morning with walking. This gives you plenty of opportunities or excuses to walk, and you will see results in your body and your weight in just a few days.

Try leaving your car approximately 20 minutes away from your work, your gym or your restaurant. During lunch time, walk 10 minutes around your office area. We promise you that you will come back refreshed, and you will have toned your circulatory system.

Put on your athletic shoes and go to the nearest park and walk, walk, walk. Doctors say that 30 minutes walking per day are enough to keep your metabolism high and improve your weight. So, come on, get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning and take care of yourself.

What kind of walking is best for you?

  1. Simple walking: just walk casually with no tension at around 2-4 kilometres per hour. This is not having any effect in the cardiovascular system and it is not really an exercise.
  2. Brisk walking: now you walk faster with large bestrides (more than 50 cm) the movement in our arms is intense, providing rhythm and harmony. The speed is around 4, 5 to 6,5 km per hour.
  3. Race walking: during race walking, your hands have very intense movement back and forth. Speed can reach 9 km, and bestride opening may reach 1 meter.


  • Generally speaking, walking is for every age, despite of your condition.
  • It is exceptional for people who suffer from cardiovascular issues, due to the low intensity of the body movements which allow gradual improvement of the physical condition.
  • It is great for overweight people since it is not charging the joints. Together with swimming, it is one of the most effective ways to losing weight and burn fat since you can exercise longer and burn more calories.
  • As every aerobic exercise, walking is contributing to increasing stamina, providing wellbeing and relaxation.
  • It helps also to lower your cholesterol levels, as well as reduces the chances for heart attacks.


Calories burned (here is where it gets interesting):



Men (80 kg)


Women (60 kg)


4 km/h (30′)

116 kcal

94 kcal

5.5 km/h (30′)

155 kcal

116 kcal

6.5 km/h (30′)

250 kcal

214 kcal

5.5 km/h slope 4% (30′)

236 kcal

117 kcal


Let us know how it goes!

photo by: Bods

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