4 Great Reasons To Use Honey Daily – That You Didn’t Know

If you never considered adding honey to your daily routine, stop what you are doing and pay attention. Did you know that honey, despite it is a very simple ingredient composing only from simple sugars and some water, has many medicinal properties that you aren’t aware of?

I will ask you another question:

Did you know that honey is the only food that includes all the substances necessary to sustain life, including enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and water?

The amazing benefits of honey do not stop there.  Honey has the unique ability to heal skin wounds as well as ulcers.  Due to the increased levels of Vitamins C, D, E, K and B as well as the much advertised from dun tan lotions, Beta Carotene, as well as its enzymes and essential oils, it is a natural antibiotic and very rich antioxidant food which makes it an ideal ingredient to fight respiratory infections.

Let’s start with the 8 Reasons To use Honey Daily;

Reason #1: Honey treats ulcers. 

It’s antioxidants help to heal ases of ulcerative colitis. Pine honey, in particular, contains powerful antioxidants and antibacterial substances that are used against harmful bacteria – which are too complex to name them in this post – which cause stomach pains.

Reason #2: Honey can treat respiratory infections.

What do we mean by respiratory infections? Simply put – coughs. Honey can help and ease the symptoms of coughing and help children as well as adults sleep better. Pine is one more time at the forefront, however, if you get your hands on eucalyptus honey or lemon honey (or simply make a hot tea with lemon and honey)

Reason #3: Honey is antiseptic.

Honey contains hydrogen peroxide, which is a primary ingredient that is used when you have a cut. If you use honey instead of the hydrogen peroxide, is exactly the same thing – it can help your wound heal faster.

Reason #4: Honey can fight allergies.

Did you know that if you eat honey rich in pollen on a regular basis, your spring allergies will magically disappear or at least you get less annoying symptoms?

Tips on how to get the best of your honey

Choose by colour: The darkest colour honey contains the most nutrients. Try pine honey or thyme honey. Honey that is really pale in colour and is sold in squeeze bottles is best to be avoided as it is 99% of times diluted with water.

Avoid the purified honey: honey that has been filtered means that it contains no pollen anymore, so less nutrients for you.

Store it in dark places: well, not in your  escape room (if you have any). Store honey in a similar fashion as your extra virgin olive oil, in a cupboard away fro smells and odors, as well as away from heat. This will ensure that its properties will be preserved for longer time.


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