5 Foods You Must NEVER Eat Before Sleep

It is true what they say – eat a light dinner or you will never lose weight (or sleep well)

Many times, due to being tired or even bored, we eat just before going to sleep. This tactic is not healthy at all and it definitely does not contribute to maintain your silhouette.

Even if you are fit, bad choice of foods will result in bad metabolism, which in turn will appear sooner or later.

The good news is that there is always a good type of food to eat before going to sleep.

However, for this post, let’s focus on what you MUSTN’T eat before going to sleep.


Food Nr.1: Milk
Although it is considered a healthy source of proteins and calcium, drinking milk before sleep is bad due to the lactose which causes indigestion. If you have stomach problems, it time to stop thsis habit. Besides lactose, milk also contains sugar, and you definitely do now want a generous sugar dose just before going to sleep.

Food Nr.2: Pasta
Well, I guess this is obvious. The calories you are going to get will all gather around your belly and waist (what a waste). It is much preferable if you consume any pasta you prefer during the day – for example, before or after any kind of physical training, when your body actually needs carbs.

Food Nr.3: Chocolate
This is obvious too. Not only it contains too much sugar, it also contains a lot of fat (if it is milk chocolate) as well as caffeine, which the combination of sugar and caffeine will ensure a sleepless night. Avoid it at all costs!

Food Nr.4: (Sorry to say) Pizza
Do you drool over a nice thick crust pepperoni? Ehr, forget it? Pizza is ranked by dieticians and nutritionists as the food you must NEVER EVER eat late at night. Better enjoy it (just a slice or two) during lunch.

Food Nr.5: Any citrus Juice!
Finally, the last thing you must avoid consuming after 21:00 is juice from oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits. The reason is that all these fruits are too acid for your body, and they are more likely to cause you a stomach burn.

Well, this is it – comments and suggestions? Please reply below!

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