Fiber is found in plant foods such as fruits, vegetables and grains (reminds you of something?)

Up until a few years, scientists believed that fiber couldn’t be digested, but with recent scientific research they proved that certain types of fiber can be broken down by bacteria that we have in our stomach.

Here are the top 5  reasons to love (and consume more) fiber

1. It balances the bacteria in your stomach

Your stomach contains probiotic bacteria that exist in various types. By following the right type of diet, including fiber who are probiotic, you can stimulate the growth of other probiotic bacteria who live in your stomach  – from wheat – based cereals to artichokes and celery, these foods have all this effect.

2. It keeps your heart healthy

When you hear “eat more fiber” you immediately think of your stomach. Well, this is not the case, as what you eat also affects your heart. Consuming more fiber can have positive effects towards lesser problems with heart attacks and strokes. Consuming wholegrains are what makes the biggest effect, as well as oats, to control blood cholesterol.

3. It helps you lower your blood pressure

Talking about blood pressure, consuming fiber, or better, if you follow a plant-based diet, means that your beta-gloucan intakes can help you lower your blood pressure.

4. It protects you from bowel cancer

The results of more fiber consumption are multiple – as fas the bowel is concerned, it helps you be protected by all types of bowel cancers.

5. It helps you detox

Consuming fiber which cannot be absorbed, such as fiber that exists in wholemeal flour, past, bread, bran)  means that it remains intact during the digestion process. When it goes through the large colon, then it absorbs the toxins and then getswasted.

Consuming more fiber has a large amounts of benefits, and doctors and scientists suggest to largely change our diets from overconsuming meat to eat less, so as to stay healthy, and therefore happy!

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