Continuing where we left off last time, here we give you the remaining three mistakes that put women at risk:

5 – Enjoying a bottle of wine

Although statistics state that men drink more than women do, women tend to overindulge at the end of the day when it comes time to relax. The problem with this is that women do not process alcohol as quickly as men do. They do not have the same levels of the enzymes that break down alcohol meaning it remains in the body longer. Women that drink too much on a regular basis are at a 30 percent greater risk of developing heart disease and high blood pressure then men are. Try using yoga, long soaks in the bath or chamomile tea to relax at the end of the day as an alternative to alcohol.

6 – Not enough sleep

If you are always tired, it can adversely influence your eating habits. You will find yourself depending on drinks and foods rich in carbohydrates and sugars to try to boost your energy. This can also increase the size of your waistline. Being overtired also makes it easy to talk yourself out of doing any exercises during the day. Get yourself into a normal sleep routine and stick with it to ensure you are getting adequate sleep each night.

7 – Mindless snacking

It is all too easy to snack without even thinking about it. For example, many women nibble on the food that is leftover on their kid’s plates while they are cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. These types of habits can be one of the major reasons for weight gain. One way to overcome these habits is to keep a food diary that makes you accountable for every piece of food that goes into your mouth each day. This will work to help you identify your negative eating habits and allow you to change them. Stress and anxiety is another culprit that causes us to overeat. If you are turning to unhealthy food choices because of stress or anxiety, speak with a counselor, a friend or a trusted family member. Remember that exercise is a natural stress release and antidepressant so try to get into a daily exercise routine.

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