8 Ingredients That Boost And Protect Your Immune System

Your body has a powerful defensive system against harmful bacteria, the immune system. When our immune system is weak, then we are prone to more colds, flu and other serious situations that affect our health.

In order to be protected, we need to “armor” our body, increasing its stamina through proper nutrition, which in turn, lowers our chances of getting sick.

It is proven that some of the  nutrients that exist in foods that we eat almost on a daily basis, in conjunction with proper rest, a good night’s sleep and regular physical exercise, are important to boost the natural defenses of our body offering protection from illness, infections and allergies. To do that, we have to adopt a healthy and balanced nutrition plan which offers the best nutrients possible.

So here are the 8 ingredients that can boost your immune system – ingredients that have been proven to help fight several illnesses, colds and the flu:


It is an important part in fighting viruses. It has intense antimicrobial and antivirus effects, as it helps produce more cells that fight the virus. It is also consumed by people with high blood pressure – there are even garlic pills for that reason.


Probiotics contribute to a good health overall, offering a natural defense for the colon. It has been found that probiotics produce proteins and make pathogen organisms inactive, so as to increase the defenses of our body.

Vitamin C

As obvious as this is, its ascorvic acid that it is found in oranges, grapefruits, lemons and kiwi, green peppers, strawberries and the likes, has its own antiviral activities as well as antimicrobial and antiinflammatory. FACT: Vitamin C cannot be created nor stored within the human body so it is important to receive it every day via foods rich in Vitamin C.


It can be found in dried nuts, cereals, meat, fish, eggs , tuna fish, as well as crabs and lobster. As selenium is very important for the immune system, if it is absent, then it is the primary cause of cold and flu. Selenium is also one of the most important and most powerful antioxidant nature can offer – it helps protect the cells from free radicals.

Vitamin E

It is primarily found in olives and olive oil, in sunflower, dried nuts, green leafy vegetables, grains and whole grains. If you do not have a normal intake of Vitamin E, your body will start to deteriorate.


It has antiseptic properties which help in fighting infections of the respiratory system – including the common flu.

Vitamin A and B-carotene

Obviously, you will find these vitamins in carrots, as well as pumpkins, pears, mango, spinach, broccoli, eggs and dairy. Vitamin A plays an important part in developing many cell types, affecting in a good way the right functioning of our defense systems.


This a sticky substance produced by bees – they use it in order to sterilise and seal the inside of the beehive. Humans use it because its plethora of  flavonoids, as these help produce antioxidants and inflammatory properties.


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