9 Amazing Uses of Cucumbers You Never Thought About!

Cucumbers are one of the most delicious, refreshing vegetables and are directly connected with the summertime.
When added to salads they give this extra summery flavor.

Here are ways you can do with a cucumber:

1. Raw, unpeeled cucumber contains calcium, Vitamin K, Vitamin C and is a good source of phosphorous and magnesium. It also has magnesium, and vitamin A. It is suitable for diets low in Natrium, and it’s scientifically proven to lower cholesterol.

2. Feeling tired? Fed up with coffee? Eat a whole cucumber because it is a good source of vitamin b that your body craves – and that’s why you need coffee.

3. Use it to remove parasites and bugs from your garden. Cut slices and put the slices in a tin. the chemicals included in the tin and the cucumber will react and will drive the parasites away.

4. Reduce your cellulite levels in your body, by rubbing slices of cucumber to affected areas. The collagen with the cucumber will react and will cause your skin to firm. Try it even if you have wrinkles.

5. Next day hangover? Eat a cucumber BEFORE you go to sleep and you will wake up invigorated. This is because cucumbers are full of electrolytes, vitamin B and sugar, which will hold your body in balance.

6. Feeling hungry? Eat 1 cucumber. It will make you feel full, plus it contains ZERO calories.(We are actually doing this ourselves, for dinner and it works!)

7. Use cucumber, as a shoe varnish. To have shiny shoes, rub a slice of cucumber to your shoes and with the help of its ingredients, the cucumber will make your shoes shine like a star.

8. If you have a bad breath, put a slice of cucumber on your tongue and press it against your palate. If your bad breath is caused by your mouth, it will kill all bacteria in an instant. If your bad breath is caused by your stomach, eat it and go see a doctor!

9. Clean your sink and tap with rubbing some cucumber on them. It will bring back a shininess long gone.

Thoughts? Have you used cucumber in any other way that helps with your home? Post them here!

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