In our previous post here we started discussing how men are doing basic lifestyle mistakes that put their health at risk. Read the rest of our mini series, and feel free to comment below:

5 – Relying on fast food or prepackaged foods

When eating alone, too many men opt for takeout food, fast food or even prepackaged selections from the grocer’s freezer. This type of diet can increase blood pressure and cholesterol due in part to the high fat and sodium content of these types of foods. Learn some basic, easy to prepare meals to make at home and when cooking, make extra and freeze it to eat later.


6 – Consuming excessive alcohol

Stick to the recommended limits for alcohol consumption. That weekly binge or those four beers a night, every night are dangerous for both your liver and your heart.


7 – Too much salt

Adding salt to food for added flavor can increase the risk of high blood pressure. Instead of salt, opt for spices and herbs to add flavor to food. Reduce the amount of processed and takeout food.


8 – Lack of exercise

If today the only exercise you get is running to catch the bus or to get to the elevator before the doors close, it may be time to start hitting the gym again. If it has been a while since you exercised, your body will not be in peak condition. Start slow and build up your exercise regime over time for best results.


 9 – Think they are invincible

Women are four times more likely than men are to consult with a doctor when they have a health problem. This is often because men are embarrassed about their bodies. When men reach the age of 40 they should have regular checkups with their doctors and pay attention to the blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


To see which lifestyle mistakes women make on a previous post we wrote, please click here.

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