There is a misconception about the beans called black-eyed peas. A black-eyed pea is actually a bean, and not a pea. Peas and beans are both legumes; their seeds and pods can be safely eaten.

A black-eyed pea is a vegetable that belongs to the species called cowpea. These beans were the basic food for ancient Romans and Greeks, and were brought to the New World by the Spanish conquistadors. They are commonly found in the southern United States. Many of these beans are cooked and eaten during New Year’s Day. Because the beans’ appearance looked like small coins, people thought that it would bring them good luck.

The bean’s overall color is cream, while a black spot, or black eye, is on its center. They can be sold as dried or canned. Other varieties include fresh and frozen. The beans offer several health benefits, as well. They can be made into a healthy meal or side dishes.

Beans contain high amounts of fiber. Fiber’s primary use is to help the colon and the digestive system. High-fiber foods are usually advertised to aid the body from constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. In the long run, fiber helps prevent colon cancer. High-fiber food also tricks the stomach into feeling full. Fiber lets the food to be digested slowly, which is a good solution for weight control. It also helps you keep healthy cholesterol levels by preventing cholesterol from going to the bloodstream. This results to lower risk of heart disease.

Beans are also high in protein and anti-oxidants. Protein is used by body builders to develop muscles. Beans are an alternative food for people who do not want to include meat in their diet. Anti-oxidants help prevent cancer cells from developing in the body.

Beans are also considered to be low in fat and calories. A weight-loss diet plan contains low-fat, low-calorie, high-protein and high-fiber meals. These macro-nutrients can make the body slim with lean muscles. It lets you avoid getting excess weight, and can get you toner muscles, as well. Having a healthy lifestyle protects you from various health problems, which may include diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high-blood pressures and even depressive disorders.

If you are not a fan of beans (can’t we think a reason not to), we recommend to try the amazing recipe from Urbangrains with blackeyed peas and tahini, as a healthy salad to your meals or on toast – you will thank us for it!

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