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Urban – people with knowledge and high expectations for their everyday food quality and taste.
Grains – products with the least possible processing and respect to the land and nature, blended together to create exceptional delicacies.

Urbangrains is your everyday imaginative brand of food essentials, offering a range of artisan, often unusual foods.

Driven by our own devotion to know our food origins, we have teamed up with like-minded local producers who stay true to their craftsmanship.

Pure raw ingredients are blended together into exceptional delicacies, always hand-processed with utmost care – containing no artificial flavours, colouring or preservatives – and this is our promise to you.

Our story began early in 2012, when we were inspired by the idea of reinventing the millenary tradition of the Mediterranean diet. Since then, a long journey started all over the greek countryside to discover unique people and flavours.

In order to make sure, that we always offer the best possible quality we follow one simple rule;“seasonable” selection, to get its best taste and have the less possible impact on the planet.

We offer two different series with one common characteristic; the combination of high nutritional value and gastronomic delight.

Classic Collection: pure flavours from Greece

Gourmet Collection: traditional dainties with a twist

The team

We are a small family team, Nikoleta, Alexandra and Eleni, that shares a common passion for culinary explorations, likely passed on from the mum. We very often argue about…everything, but this is the salt of our recipe!


Eleni Theodorou

Business Operations


Nikoleta Theodorou

Managing Director


Alexandra Theodorou

Brand Design

We frequently publish news about us – and sometimes people write about us too!
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