Unlike other varieties that come from flowers, raw pine honey is unpasteurized and is 100% all natural. It is also unprocessed and unheated. When heat is used to treat honey, the health-giving enzymes and yeast that are present will also be destroyed. These are responsible for activating the vitamins, as well as the many minerals inside the body. Since honey is low in bacteria, eating raw honey is more beneficial compared to those that have been processed or filtered.

One of the many benefits of raw pine honey is that it contains ingredients that are identical to that of fruits. These ingredients become alkaline inside the body’s digestive system.  As such, it helps neutralize the acids that cause indigestion. Raw pine honey also contains an enzyme called amylase. It helps in the process called predigestion.  In this process, breads and other starchy food can be easily digested and absorbed by the body. This type of honey can also be added to lemon or ginger juices to supply energy and relieve nausea.

Most of the raw pine honey originates from the Peloponnese forests of Greece. Unlike commercial honey found in many grocery stores, raw pine honey is only warmed slightly, just enough to ensure that the honey can flow easily for bottling. It is not too sweet, but has a distinctive caramelized and woody flavor. Most people love the fact that raw pine honey does not crystallize and have fewer calories than those that come from flowers. It is also very rich in minerals like magnesium, zinc, potassium, phosphorous, calcium and iron.

For many health enthusiasts, raw pine honey that is produced with very minimal processing is still the best. Countries all over the world have developed certain standards for honey, so that consumers will be able to know what they are really purchasing.

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