Can you become smarter by simply eating? Ehrr, no? Or is it yes? The key is what you it that helps your body cope. You see, your body is your temple (I can’t remember who said that – anyway) and the food you eat is your medicine to keep it vibrant, healthy and active.

So if you eat junk all day, like processed -ready made foods (burgers, boiled sweets, sodas) then you put on more weight because your body cannot process them all – even you do exercise your arteries won’t stand a chance when you grow up.

So pay attention to what you eat and to help you, we found this awesome article to provide you with a list of good foods:

While a well-balanced diet won’t transform you into a Jeopardy champion, it will sharpen your thinking ability. How alert do you feel after eating a greasy bag of fast food or cream-filled doughnut? The road to Food Coma is paved with empty calories, devoid of nutritional content. Your brain will perform better if fueled by healthy fats, fiber, protein, vitamins, and antioxidants. If you’d like to boost your brain power, eat these 10 healthy foods that make you smarter.

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