Ever popular in Greece and other parts of Europe, camomile is one of those ingredients that offers
so many benefits. Which is why together with our favourite Mountain Tea, it’s one of our go-to
beverages during the evenings when we are ready to wind down after a busy day. It helps you
calm down, get any anxiety you may have under control and also ensures you get a good night’s
What good does it bring besides boosting your mental wellbeing? Camomile is known for its antiinflammatory
properties. It helps relieve digestive problems and soothes stomach cramps. It’s also
known to strengthen your immunity, as this article suggests. Skin problems? Camomile might be
the answer when applied topically. It helps sooth any skin irritation that you might be experiencing.
Some believe that camomile also aids diabetics in preventing the damage that the disease can
bring about to vital organs of patients.
So now you know why we are such big fans. In fact, it’s nearly that time of the evening when we
brew a big cup. How do we have it? Just as an infusion with about a spoonful of camomile in
boiling water. Occasionally, we’ll add a touch of our Urbangrains honey to sweeten the brew ever
so slightly.

Urbangrains Pine Honey

Urbangrains Pine Honey

If you’ve never tried it before, visit your closest store for a box of this amazing gift of nature. We
can promise that you’ll enjoy it.



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