OK, today we are off topic – no food, dieting or else – our todays post is about health in general!

Thinking that when entering your home, you escape from the city’s pollution is, well, hum, a fallacy.

The air inside our homes can be equally polluted, but fortunately for you, we researched the matter and we came up with solutions!


Solution # 1: Leave your shoes at the entrance.

When you walk around the city, you carry an infinite amount of microbes. Whatever you have stepped onthe pavement, the asphalt, at the shopping mall, sticks underneath your shoes. Scientists discovered that our exposure to microbes and pathogenic substances happen 80% in our homes and the remaining 20 outside of it!

Tip: before you enter your home, make a habit to brush your shoes at the welcome mat. As soon as you enter, simply remove your shoes and leave them at the entrance.


Solution #. 2: Get rid of the dirt

You may have noticed that your bed and under your sofa, are small concentrations of dust. These are full of pollen, dirt and dead cells from your body – and they are the basic food for mites and is the perfect substrate for fungus.

Tip: If you are allergic to dust and if you have small children you may need to invest in a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter, which captures 100% of all particles. Make a habit to vacuum once per week. Also use a wet mop to clean the house. Once a week, and if there is sun, remove the covers of your bed and sofa and lay them out in the sun – the sun rays kill all mites in a few minutes.


Solution #3: Ventilate your home

Most of our furniture is made from materials that may emit formaldehyde, a cancerogenic material which can also cause headaches, nausea and asthma crises.

Tip: Ventilate every room in your home for at least ten minutes.

Did you know… that certain household cleaning chemicals can emit synthetic particles that travel in the air, which can be irritating to your lungs and the nervous system. Make sure that you ventilate properly during cleaning.


Solution# 4: Remove your printer

These days, everyone has a printer at home. Printers emit hundreds of ink microparticles as well as ozone, which is very irritating to your lungs.

Tip: Make sure you place the printer at a point where it is properly ventilated.  A sort of extreme measure is to stay away at at least 2m distance when it prints.

photo by: Kakapo31

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