Combine these ingredients for a healthier life – Part 2

Continuing from our previous week’s post, we are giving you the final part of the ingredients and how to combine them correctly for a healthier life.

Fava beans in tomato sauce

Fava beans (as well as tomato and onion) contain carotenoids, substances that are known for their antioxidant nature. By boiling foods that contain carotenoids, and combining olive oil, are absorbed by our body way better than when they are in a raw form.

These substances are guarding our immune system from free radicals that are responsible for many types of cancer.

Bay Leaves and celery

Due to its great aroma, bay leaves is usually added in food in very small quantities, however did you know that these leaves helps to digest plant proteins better? Add a small quantity of bay leaves in your lentils soup next time and you will realise for yourself.

At the same time, when adding celery to the food, it helps our digestion system work better. Add celery to your bean soup for extraordinary results.

Do you soak legume before boiling? It’s wrong.

If you soak legume before boiling, you normally add some baking soda to accelerate boiling, right? If you do, you are wasting previous vitamins B contained in legume. Instead of soda, prefer to add salt.

If you have any more tips that you want to share, feel free to add them below in the comments section – we would love to hear from you!

photo by: Emily Barney

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