Creative ways to use Christmas leftovers

may be over, but what remains is unused food, which you can recreate into wonderful recipes.

You don’t have to go fancy – just combine a few ingredients to make soups, roasts and baked foods to take you through the entire weekend!

Starting up, we found an amazing recipe using – yeah, yeah, yeah, we know, noone is eating them, and it is it’s just for decoration. But you know what, you can make an amazing soup (and add a little bacon here and there).

Here is the recipe, let us know how it will work for you:-)

Turkey – we talked about using leftover turkey in a different blog post here, but then again, you can never go wrong with turkey. Have you heard about turkey rissoles? Neither did we until we discovered this recipe here

And of course, there is the all-traditional Christmas puddingt! This is never going to waste, no sir!

Here are some ideas to reuse the leftover :

Grill your pudding (or cake) with butter – yes, grill it! All you have to do is slice it up and put the slices in the oven at a high temperature. Wait until they become hard, but not too hard – then remove them hot, and cover them with fresh butter. Dip them in a hot cup of chocolate and enjoy the snow (if you are in the Alps!)

Create an ice cream sundae – what, ice cream in the middle of the winter? Yes, and its going to be fantastic! Kids love it, and so we (we have a kids heart most times)

Get a bowl or a large glass. Slice up your pudding and dice it up. Put at the bottom of the bowl or glass a few pieces to cover it. Put two to three large scoops of icecream ,then cover again with the pudding – put some more ice cream and top it up with whipped cream!

Sorry, I gotta go and make some of this!

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