Feta Cheese To Lower Cholesterol

Feta is one of the famous cheeses in Greece because it is a staple in Greek cuisine. Apparently, the Greeks love to put feta cheese on almost everything—vegetables, bread, meat, fruits and olives. It doesn’t matter what is served, feta cheese must always be present. It is no surprise that Greece is the highest consumer of cheese in the world (the French come second). Aside from the cheese’s strong, salty flavor and versatility, feta is becoming even more popular because of its nutritional content. Feta cheese’s cholesterol is only 25 milligrams per ounce, which is significantly low compared to the common cheese cholesterol of 30 milligrams per ounce.

The intense taste of feta cheese makes it convenient for those aiming to reduce their cholesterol without completely giving up their love of cheese. They would only need a small portion as an added ingredient to their recipe. With an already low feta cheese cholesterol per ounce, food lovers can still enjoy Greek cuisine without the risk. Dieters can take advantage of the low fat content of the cheese and use it as a substitute for the commonly high fat cheese in everyday food or snack. Because feta is considered as a soft cheese, it will melt easily and can be a replacement for cheddar cheese in tacos.  This reduces the total of 113 calories per ounce to 75 and nine grams of fat to six.

The reduced feta cheese cholesterol, calorie, and fat amount make the cheese an ideal companion of green or pasta salad. It complements the nutritional goal of the food while allowing for optimum satisfaction on the taste. Health enthusiasts everywhere are rediscovering this century’s old traditional product and incorporating it in their diets. Be aware though that due to the demand of feta cheese in its own country, it is quite difficult for people outside of Greece to get a hold of them.   There are a few quality delicatessens in London that offer premium Greek products including feta cheese, and of course you can buy online directly from Urbangrain’s store here.

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