Fluffy Burger With Sweet Red Pepper Relish

Today we have an amazingly easy recipe for you – one that you can do with simple ingredients and it is uber healthy.

So here it is fluffy burgers with sweet red pepper relish! It’s not your traditional burger, as it is softer and has veggies as well as meat.

Time to make it: 15 minutes.

Baking time : 1 hour (appox.)

Makes 4 burgers.


For the side:

Step 1: Mix all ingrediens for the burger (not the side ingredients) in a large bowl.

Fluffy burger with sweet red pepper relish mix


I know it is not as sexy as it should be, but this is how it looks…

Next, make the burgers (by hand of course). You can make them rounded or you can make them square, same thing.

Preheat your oven at 250 C or 482 F.

Put your burgers on a backing tray and then put them in the oven for 35 minutes approximately (well, until you can pinch them with a fork and it is dry)

Next, wash all your potatoes carefully with soap and water to remove any dirt from their skin. If you want you can peel them but you will remove their nice crunchy taste and their nutrients that are on the skin. Cut them in wedges to increase their serving size.

Mix them with some olive oil. Chop the garlic into fine small pieces and sprinkle the potatoes. Add pepper, paprika, and salt and mix them together so as all these engriedients to spread evenly.

Here is how it should look (in my pan):

potatoes for the fluffy burger and sweet pepper relish


Put them in a preheated oven at 250 degrees and let them bake for another 40 minutes.

And here is our final result:


Now, to prepare the dish:

Step 1. Cut the buns in half

fluffy burger with sweet red pepper relish 1


Add the burgers

fluffy burger with sweet red pepper relish 2


Add some Sweet Red Pepper Relish on top:

fluffy burger with sweet red pepper relish5


Then add some tomato (it goes wonderfully well) – I haven’t added any more veggies as the burger itself has vegs and cheese.

fluffy burger with sweet red pepper relish 4


Add the potatoes – and here is my art:-) A plate to die for. Great for party or a beer fest in your garden (or anything really)

fluffy burger with sweet red pepper relish3



Lets have your thoughts!


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