You’ve heard the messages about increasing your vitamin intake, but did you know how easy it is to incorporate Vitamin C into your diet? Let’s first take a look at the benefits. How does this nutrient help the human body?

It’s vital for our immune system, good heart health, prevents the effects of ageing and helps ward off cancer, according to this article.

Because it’s a water-soluble ingredient, you can never really overload yourself with too much Vitamin C. Quite often, people opt to intake supplements giving them a concentrated dose of the vitamin. But it’s present in a lot of food that goes on your plate every day and you have to take advantage of that fact.

Now Vitamin C doesn’t only come in your glass of orange juice. Add a red pepper to your salad? Contains Vitamin C. Kiwi fruit and surprisingly, broccoli are also good but unconventional sources. It is believed to assist the depleted immune systems of people who undergo a lot of stress in their working lives.

Women, if you want better skin as you age, make sure you get your daily dose of Vitamin C in whatever form you prefer. It also helps prevent the onslaught of diabetes and cancer. So as we go into a season where you want to eat light salads for lunch, make sure you get your Vitamin C in as raw a form as possible (of course, it’s not always possible or practical.) You’ll have a healthy meal that’s both tasty an beneficial to you without you trying too hard.

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