Greek olive oil is the world’s finest, and is an essential ingredient in Greek cooking. Olive oil has become synonymous with the very essence of the healthy Mediterranean diet. Learn what olive oil does Greece produce, the regions of Greece, where olive oil comes from and other ways to use olive oil.

Did you know that in the Greek islands they have found fossilized olive leaves dating back 50-60,000 years old! The Greeks have been harvesting olives for quite some time.

It is said that Greece devotes around 60% of its cultivated land to exclusively growing olives.

It is no surprise then that Greece is the third largest exporter of olive oil, and one of the biggest consumers of it. They are one of the largest exporters to Italy. So next time you have some Italian olive oil, the chances of it containing Greek olives are actually quite high.

Olive oil is a huge part of Greek cooking and culture. It is used to dress pans before cooking and poured over Greek salads and cheeses to eat. As a matter of fact, most Greeks get a majority of their daily fat from this healthy source.

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