If you’re a sufferer, you are probably dreading the turning of spring into summer. Just when the weather gets good enough to wear brighter clothes and enjoy the outdoors, you are once again find yourself struggling with symptoms of nasal congestion, sneezing, etc. It’s caused predominantly by pollen from plants and grasses, but airborne dust and pollution aggravate things. This article has a good list of hay fever remedies:


You will find that it’s a good idea to stock up on some good herbal teas and some of our Urbangrains honeys. A good one to go for is camomile, which is thought to help with the symptoms. Advocates of green tea suggest that it’s good in general for building immunity. We’re also being asked to start a regime of intaking peppermint tea which clears sinus congestion. Maybe you can make a soul-warming pot of ginger tea and add some honey? That seems the most appealing suggestion since the weather out there still hasn’t warmed up completely. Other options might sound a bit drastic – onions, peppers and garlic (raw!) are also helpful. Basically, other ingredients that give you a good dose of Vitamin C are recommended – kiwi fruits, etc. They also advising inhaling vapours of eucalyptus oil to ease congestion. We hope that you’ll find a solution that suits you and keeps you fighting hay fever the natural way. But this big list of remedies gives us confidence that someone suffering from hay fever needn’t load yourself up with chemicals and can be a bit more gentle on your system

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