COMPLETE Guide: Read Exactly How To Identify, Select, Taste, Buy and Label The Correct Way Honey For Your Business

Why honey is increasing in price and how can you avoid pitfalls so that you remain profitable.

Honey is the world’s most natural sweet ingredient and there is more  to it than just a sweet tasting treat.

Preferred by consumers not only for its sweet taste, but also for antioxidant and healing properties, it is an ingredient that you surely want to know more, before you source it.

However, with over 15,000 honey bee species and more than 200 types of honey, how do you select the best for your organisation?

In our guide you will learn:

Why honey means so much for your buyers
Why bees are not of equal importance when producing honey
Production and harvesting methods
Composition and quality issues
How to label correctly
Sampling and tasting before you buy

Plus much more

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