If you are like us, (and probably you are, to read this blog) you know how passionate we are about proper food, nutrition and exercise. As Christmas celebrations are approaching fast, this means that we will overeat, get a lot of fun and try to forget our everyday problems (not to mention issues!)

Have you been on a diet and exercise lately – in a rush to look fab on your evening Christmas dress? Trying to do too much too soon can wreck your program before it has barely even begun.

Follow these tips and not only will staying motivated be easy, but you’ll also be building positive momentum that can very much help you achieve your weight loss goals!

First things first: You must determine how fit you want to be… To know where you are going it makes good sense to understand your starting point. How in (or out) of shape are you? Here’s some things to consider…

  • How many push ups can you do?
  • Your pulse before and after a 1 mile walk.
  • Your weight and if possible your body fat percentage.

Your level of strength and endurance will give you an idea of just how much you can do your first week without overdoing it.

Mobilise yourself more than you did. For three alternating days try to get moving with a brisk walk. This can be anywhere – from your neighborhood, at a park or on the treadmill, or up and down the stairs (why take the elevator when you have such a lovely free exercise “machine” right in your apartment, or your office. How long you walk should be based on just how your body reacted to your 1 mile test. If on the test your pulse went through the ceiling start with fifteen or twenty minutes of walking; if it barely moved aim for 45 minutes.
Remember the first goal is to just get you back into the habit of exercise NOT to leave you exhausted!

Three sets of push ups (on your knees is OK if you can’t do a full push up) doing half of your maximum reps, plus three sets of however many sit ups or crunches you can do is plenty for starters. Remember don’t over do it!

How about scraping your sugary drinks? A small diet adjustment to get you on the right track, you’ll likely hardly even notice is to cut out drinking empty calories. Drop sodas and stop adding milk, creamer and sugar to your coffee. Replace with water, green tea and coffee without the extras. Yes, water can be dull, but you can add some lemon or orange to make it more interesting. Use stevia or a cinnamon stick as a natural calorie free sweetener and I promise you won’t miss sugar for more than a day or two.

Cut Out Obvious Diet Busters. Your first step isn’t about making drastic diet changes, but it is time to remove blatant diet busters. Get rid of the fast food, the fried junk and the cake, candy and chips. For now use your own common sense to clean up your worst diet offenders!

Make your first plan of attack as easy as possible, so you won’t start to miss what you were eating – and you will start creating new, healthier happier habits. It’s all about easing into being active and eating right. Starting slow builds a strong foundation for your future weight loss success.

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