As summer is finally here (despite the rain), we are all trying to lose a few pounds here and there in order to be … a little more presentable. If you are doing any diet, you are probably not enjoying those little treats like sweets, coctails, some take away… On the other side, you are working and you do not have time to cook (you are missing out!). Take away food looks like the only vital option for you.

Fear not, there is a way – as long as you follow the rules of the game.

1. Pizza

Normally your nr. 1 choice. Despite that pizza usually has 170 kcal per piece, eating the whole thing will definitely show on your waist. Order pizza with the following in mind:

a. Eat salad first so as to have a sense of feeling full. You will eat less pizza this way.

b. Prefer the thin crust pizza which contains less bread, obviously…

c. Avoid toppings like pepperoni, sausage and ham, as they are full of fat and additionally they contain sodium (which is bad)

d. Make it veggie style. Add mushrooms, brocolli, tomato, peppers and whatever else they can add.


2. Sushi

Sushi is the healthiest take away you can order. However there are some pitfalls to avoid:

a. Spicy rolls contain mayo, which adds a whole new set of calories to your body, so avoid them.

b. Prefer a mix of rolls that contain only fish and veggies, nothing else.

c. To start with, prefer a Miso soup which is very light.


3. Indian

We have to agree, all indian food is tasty, however many dishes are full of saturated fat due to the oils they contain.

a. Avoid samosas, as they are fried and additionally, are made out of potatoes.

c. Eat only half a cup of basmati rice.

d. If you prefer bread instead of rice, choose naan or roti which is wholegrain.

e. Tikka massala is full of cream, trans fat oils, and butter – avoid anything that contains this name like a plague.

f. Tandoori is the best alternative for tikka massalla, which is healthier.

g. Always eat some salad first.


4. Chinese

Chinese may look healthy but most dishes are fried, which means salt, saturated oils = calories

a. Always prefer steamed dumplings rather than fried. Choose shrimps and vegetables instead of meat.

b. If you love spring rolls, throw away the external skin and keep the internal. You will get rid of many unesessary calories.

c. Avoid noodles as they made of flour (carbohydrates)

d. Prefer brown rice instead of white

e. If you insist of having some soup, note that they contain a lot of sodium. We suggest eating just the contains of the soup and not the liquid.

7. Mexican

We love a good mexican to be honest – however this type of food contains a lot of fat and is full of sodium.

a. Stay away from fried beans and eat a small portion of black beans, if you can.

b. Nachos, fries and side extras like sour cream; not in your menu when dieting, sorry. 

c. Prefer to order a dish that has a tortilla wrap and has plenty of vegs. If you just need your daily dose of protein choose shrimps or chicken, not meat. Ask to have guacamole than sour cream or any other dip. 

d. If you definitely want burrito or tacos, empty them and eat what’s inside. 

3. Eat half a cup of rice, instead of the whole thing.


Enjoy your diet!

photo by: Reinis Traidas

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