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The majority of people have two kinds of ages: the time age that counts since we are born and the biological age, which reflects our body’s condition. Our body may seem like operating either like a person older or younger than ours. Biological ageing does not only depends on the genes we carry, but also from the lifestyle we have.

It is never too late to change our lifestyle, if its for the better.

Why do we age?

What makes us grow old is basically the free radicals, which are developed within our bodies. This becomes a problem when they multiply and grow too many, which may be caused by long time stressful situations, UV rays, smoking, air pollution, chemicals (i.e. cleaners) and ozone. Too many of these free radicals destroy our cells, and develops illnesses and diseases such as cancer.

Antioxidants help eliminate free radicals and those that mostly assist  are vitamins A, c AND e. Also provitamin A or b-carotene as well as the ingredients that exist in fruits and vegetables, such as the flavonoids.

Get Toned – Physically and Spiritually


Live like you are 10 to 20 years younger: American scientists experimented with seniors and asked them to re-live like they were 20 years younger! At the end of the test week, they all found their energy levels, their flexibility, their memory even their pressure went down! The fact that directed their mind to feel 20 years younger also moved their body to do the same.  So visualisation plays an important part.

According to the researchers the way we get older is directly linked to the idea we have for old age, which was either “forced” to us, or we simply adopted it from somewhere.

Specialists say, we have a larger capability of controlling our own health, beyond imagination.

Bottom line: Think that you are younger and you will! (or as a philosopher put it, thoughts become things).

Control and lower your anger levels: being displeased and hostility is stress-causing symptoms and can harm your health. This is the result of a great research which was made known in the U.S. with 700 participants, which lasted for 8 years. Hostile people had more bad health than the rest of the group. Bad mood puts wrinkles in your face and the areas around your eyes!

Change the way you think: the more we act like robots, the less we use our brain – and that means, it grows old faster! Exercise your brain daily so as it will think differently, specialists say, so as to activate and tone the neural networks in your brain. A few simple exercises would be to:

  • Use your less dominant hand in various tasks i.e. wash your teeth, or try to write with your other hand or use the mouse with your left (if you use the right as the dominant one)
  • Get dressed with your eyes closed
  • Change your daily route to work or your home
  • Go in the opposite direction (on foot, of course!) to the supermarket

Note down your thoughts: Keep a personal log – or start blogging. Note down your thoughts, your feelings, your daily problems. This reduces your stress levels, and it was an effective method of the past – so why not doing it now?Studies show that keeping notes make you more relaxed, strengthens your immune system, as well as lower your asthma or arthritis, according to research.

Make a smudge: leverage the time you wait something (i.e at a doctor’s office, waiting for the phone to ring etc.) to make smudges, circles, squares or whatever else comes to mind. This activity is a way to keep the brain active. Research shows that if you send your time during waiting hours by sketching something, they have better focus and memory than those who haven’t used their hands during this time.

Our next part will be how to leverage physical activity to get younger, so stay tuned!

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