Is Feta Cheese Suitable for Diabetes Diet?

Feta is one of the oldest cheeses in the world and has been gaining popularity because of its versatility and nutritional content. It is not a secret that any form of cheese has a high content of sodium and saturated fats.   But if used appropriately and wisely, cheese can always bring new flavor to one’s recipe without the added health risks. Feta cheese diabetes has taken the interest of many not because feta can cause diabetes but because it can prevent the disease.

Every ounce of feta has 140 milligrams of calcium that helps health watchers with their daily requirement of 1,200 milligrams. It also contains 0.48 micrograms of vitamin B12—a necessary daily vitamin and small amounts of folate, iron, and vitamin D. Because of its intense taste, people only need to add a very small amount of feta into their recipe to savor the cheese flavor. This is perfect when at-risk individuals are craving for a tasty snack or a flavor addition to their bland food. The American Diabetes Association raises its support for feta cheese diabetes diet to fight the disease.

It is never easy for individuals with type 2 diabetes. Not only do they have to make dramatic changes in their lifestyle, their food intake is also always so plain and bland that they eventually lose the joy in savoring food. It is a common complaint, but one that can be easily remedied by expanding their knowledge about food.

Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on feta cheese diabetes diet is popular for being healthy yet flavorful because of the ever present feta cheese. Recipes from this cuisine are easy enough to prepare with ingredients that are easily available in local delicatessens.  Of course, feta, or any cheese for that matter, must always be eaten in moderation.  Those who are in doubt should check with their physician before heading out to buy cheeses from the nearest delicatessen.

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