Is it Safe to Use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Cooking?

Extra virgin olive oil is a type of olive oil that is extracted from the first grinding of the olive fruits. It has no additives and is simply manually pressed fruit oil. They are commonly used for salads, pasta, bread, or even cooked meat as a dressing or drizzling agent.

The use of extra virgin olive oil as a raw ingredient in quite a number of dishes is widely accepted.  It is actually well-known for its inherent health benefits.  The question that most people still have in their minds is: is extra virgin olive oil safe for ? This issue stems from considering the smoke point of a specific kind of oil.

The smoke point is the temperature at which evident mist or smoke rises from the oil as it is subjected to heat. It is accepted as a sign that the oil is beginning to decompose, which means that the essence and nutrients are already being degraded. Oil decomposition also brings about chemical reactions that produce free radicals and other harmful carcinogens that are potentially deadly to the human body.

Since extra virgin olive oil is naturally pressed and not refined, its smoke point is quite low as compared to other types of oil. Most producers of the top quality extra virgin olive oil list its smoke point at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which is below the boiling point of water. Compare that to refined canola oil that has a smoke point of 400 degrees Fahrenheit and you can clearly see which oil is best to use.

In conclusion, to maximize all the health, nutrient, and flavor benefits of extra virgin olive oil, use it only for food preparations that don’t reach the 200 degrees Fahrenheit range. For deep frying and other high temperature dishes, use refined oil.  You can find different types of oil and premium Greek delicatessen products to buy in London.

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