Kitchen Organisation Hacks For the Rest of Us

Since many homes have very little kitchens, I thought I’d gather a few ideas in order to give some tips on how to maximise kitchen space.

1. No storage for pans? Hang them!

Give your kitchen more storage space by hanging all or most of your pots, pans, and even cooking utensils from the ceiling.


2. Store pan lids in a very organised way…

Do you have any curtain racks, lying around? If yes, you could simply screw then on the inside of your cabinet door, and then hand all (or most) available pans there. Couldn’t be simpler!


Image via

3. The very easy way to organise cleaning products!

I usually store them under my kitchen sink, which has no racks. So the easy solution is… to use a tension rod similar to this one here!

tension rod


Image via the Huffington post here.

4. Use mason jars to store your salads!

Simple trick, cut your salad into chunks, then add them to mason jars and lock them in the fridge. Less air, more space.



mason jars saladsimage via

What are your ideas? Please let us know by posting below!



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  • The Cabinet Barn  10th February 2016 at 6:10 am

    Wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing. Keep posting please.


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