When it comes to being more efficient, the best thing to do is to learn from the professionals and how they do it. Many of us love cooking at home, but we don’t always have a lot of time to dedicate to it. But using a few tricks from the commercial kitchen, we can always leverage the time we do have.

Chefs are trained in the practice of putting together their mise en place. This ensures that they have all their ingredients, cooking utensils and dishes prepared before they actually fire up the stove. Think of it – if you had to make large batches to feed hundreds of customers every day, you wouldn’t survive if you weren’t very organised. Remember all those cooking shows you watched? How much easier cooking is when you have all your ingredients to hand! And you don’t end up burning your food while searching or weighing out the next ingredient you have to add.

So the next time you cook, lay everything out. If you’re baking, prepare your cake pan or tray and weigh all your ingredients first. It’s even more critical in baking because sometimes ingredients like bicarbonate of soda begin their work immediately, and if you’re still preparing the tray, you upset the chemistry of the baked good.

Give it a try and see your efficiency in the kitchen improve!

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