Remember last week that we discussed what lifestyle mistakes put women at risk?

Well, now, it’s about time to deal with the mistakes that men make and put their health at risk, so:


1 – Consuming excessive meat

Although leaner than before, the meat still contains a lot of saturated fat. As much as 22 percent of the saturated fat in a man’s diet comes from eating red meat such as hamburgers, sausages and steaks. Men should not consume more than 70 grams of meat per day, about the size of a deck of cards, and should consume two portions of fish weekly, including one that is rich in oil. If still hungry, men should take that as a sign to eat more vegetables.


2 – Eating like a teenager

Too many men in their 30s, 40s and older continue to eat the same way that they did as teenagers. This will pack on the pounds because most grown men are not as active as they were when they were teens. If cutting portions seem to be too difficult then opt for healthier choices such as salads and heaping servings of vegetables. Another option would be to go back to being just as active as you were as a teenager.


3 – Work stress

Work stress can lead to all types of bad habits that are bad for your heart. If job stress leaves you drinking more alcohol, smoking more cigarettes or eating more junk food, it may be time to do something about it. While changing jobs may not be an option, it may be possible to speak with your boss about lightening your workload.


4 – Going out with the boys

Going out with the boys for a night out can mean that you are consuming a lot of fatty, salty food and excessive alcohol. Try to make it a night to enjoy the good times more and the unhealthy choices less. Offer to be the designated driver to help with alcohol consumption and if you cannot avoid the take out foods, make healthier choices such as pita bread instead of heavy sandwich rolls.


Watch out for our blog post next Wednesday to continue with the remaining discuss – until then, let us know your comments!

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