Pine Tree Honey Benefits

Not all honey is created equal. Pine tree honey is just one of the many varieties available in the market and is believed to possess tremendous health benefits. It is also called tea tree honey, fir honey, honeydew, or forest honey. The best pine tree honey is produced in Greece.  It has a bittersweet flavor and a strong yet pleasant smell. It does not readily crystallize. No wonder it is highly esteemed for its culinary value and many other health benefits.

Many pine tree honey benefits include the following:

1. Stronger antioxidant properties.

Unlike the more common honey from floral plants, pine tree honey has higher levels of antioxidants.  These serve to protect the body from free radicals that cause aging and other dreaded diseases like cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer.  Regular consumption of pine tree honey is a good way to enjoy a healthier and sweeter life.

2. A very good potassium source.

A potassium-rich diet protects the vital organs of the body, including the brain and the heart. It helps lower blood pressure, thus minimizing the risk of strokes. It also strengthens the bones, helps in reducing the risk of developing kidney stones, and guards against osteoporosis.

3. Pine honey contains other minerals like elemental iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous.

All these minerals promote the well-being of the body and ensure that bodily functions are maintained.

4. Anti-bacterial properties.

For the healing of burns, wounds or sunburns, apply pine honey directly to the skin. It is safe and natural to use, even for small children.

5. Natural healer for cough and colds.

There is no need to let cough, colds or nasal congestion keep you up at night.  Turn to the healing wonders of pine honey. Just one teaspoon of this miracle food can soothe the throat and provide immediate comfort. Added to a cup of hot tea, it safely decongests the nasal passages and provides the much needed relief.

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