Pine Tree Honey: Health Benefits, Buying Tips and Culinary Uses

Pine honey is reputed for its healing properties and culinary value. It has been used for thousands of years as a culinary herb for its aromatic flavor. Pine honey has fresh, pleasant-woody scent and is very good with tea. Also is used in cooking and baking and is a perfect sauce ingredient. Here are some culinary uses, and tips about pine honey.

Pine tree honey is a type of forest honey made by bees that collect honeydew instead of flower nectar. Honeydew, in turn, is a sugary liquid that some small insects secrete as they feed on the sap of certain trees, including pine trees. Honeybees then collect these sweet secretions and process them into dark-colored, full-flavored honeydew honey. Pine honey, along with other honeydew honeys, is highly prized in some European and Asian countries for its reputed healing properties and culinary value.

In this article, we take a look at the health benefits of pine honey and provide ideas on how you can you use this strongly-flavored honey in your culinary creations. At the end of this article, we also share some tips on where to get pine honey if you don’t happen to live in a country like Greece, Turkey, Germany, France, or New Zealand where pine honey is commonly available in the stores.

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