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Pomegranate is the new superfruit that new consumer demand has skyrocketed sales. There are considerable differences between pomegranate use accross the world. For example, Europe buys fresh pomegranates that are sweet and full of juice, whilst Middle East and Asia typically uses dried sour pomegranate seeds, powder, or a concentrated form known as pomegranate molasses. Learn how to source, identify problems and offer your customers a taste unlike anything else.

So what is it best for your business? How do you know how to source, select and buy processed or fresh pomegranates that are best applied to your clients?

Our free, B2B buyer’s guide to pomegranate teaches you about:

  • Introduction & Historical facts
  • Description
  • Origin and Distribution
  • Varieties
  • Climate
  • Soil
  • Culture
  • Harvesting
  • Which parts to use
  • Food Uses

Plus much more

If you are a grocery or ambient products buyer, our free B2B buyer’s guide to pomegranate is a great resource to learn about this superfruit. Download it now by filling your details on the right.

The B2B Buyer's guide to pomegranate

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