Pomegranate, the Prosperity Fruit, Makes Sauce

is the fruit that Greeks traditionally break in their front door in the first day of the new year, believing it brings good fortune – and the truth is that in most cultures, the pomegranate symbolizes  fertility and happiness. It is no accident that its seeds make the most flavorsome liquor and the best marinades.

Pomegranate is a beautiful fruit with fire-red tough skin, with a crown on top and the color of rubin inside. It thrifts in mild climates and it is primarily cultivated in India with production levels of 1 million tonnes, the United States, with 100,000 tonnes and Greece which spans just about 1800 – 2,000 tonnes.

Pomegranate has various types, amongst them Persephone and Wonderful (yes, it is a type) and it produces fruit between September till December.

Raw, Syrup and Glaze

The pomegranate seeds, are used raw in cooking and in pastry, not only for their taste and decoration but also to produce amazing liqueur – it is a tradition in most Greek households anyway.

Their juice is used to make the ever famous Grenadine, up to making vinegar and pomegranate glaze. If you have ever eaten foods from Persia, the most traditional ones are lamb or chicken that are slowly cooked in and nuts.

Here is how to make a great vinaigrette for this New Yeas’ eve – goes great with green salads with nuts as well as to marinate meat:

You will need:

50ml fresh pomegranate juice

2 spoons vinegar

1 spoon mustard

1 spoon honey

120ml olive oil

salt, pepper to taste

Simply combine all ingredients together and sprinkle on top of a salad or marinate your meat.

If you do not want to get into all this trouble, Urbangrains has an amazingly refreshing pomegranate relish, made of fresh pomegranates (not juice), olive oil and vinegar, all natural with no preservatives, colors or GMO. Click here to see more 


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