Regrowing 5 Everyday Veggie Scraps

Every day we  throw heaps of leftovers and scraps out which could possibly be used to regrow vegetables completely free of charge. Here is a simple guide to regrowing 5 everyday veggie scraps.

Americans generate food waste like nobody’s business. The USDA estimates that in 2010, we didn’t eat nearly a third of the 430 billion pounds of food produced in the United States. That’s 1,249 calories—a fifth of which came from produce—in the trash per person.

Luckily, many are taking action. Next month Massachusetts will start enforcing a rule to ban large-scale food wasters—about 1,700 hospitals, hotels, supermarkets, and other institutions—from sending their food scraps to landfills. They’ll have to donate or repurpose usable food instead. The rest will be shipped to composting plants, animal-feed manufacturers, or facilities that convert organic waste to green energy.

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