Spicing Up Dishes with Cooked Sweet Red Pepper Relish

If you want to spice things up in your cooking, you can now cook sweet red pepper relish with your favorite dishes.  There are ways to enjoy your sweet red pepper relish other than eating it with crackers in the usual way.  Prepare a hot meal for lunch or serve a new dish for dinner, the sweet red pepper relish can spice up your mealtimes just the way you like it.

A good dish to try is the taliata. It’s a beef dish with the sweet red pepper relish. Try this recipe:

  • Prepare 1.5kg beef top sirloin 5cm think.
  • Rub the herbs on the beef, and salt and pepper it to taste while letting it rest at room temperature.
  • Mix vinegar and olive oil in a saucepan and drizzle the beef with the mixture.
  • Add the sweet red pepper relish on the beef and let it warm for a few seconds.
  • Serve warm with buttered vegetables.

Meals need not be so formal. Try to cook sweet red pepper relish with a bit of addition to excite the taste buds even more.  Maybe you can try adding bacon and cheese to the dish. Cheesy bacon wraps are best served when the kids and youngsters are around.

  • Slice the cheese into batons.
  • Dip the bacon in the sweet red pepper relish and wrap the strips around the cheese.
  • Prepare the oven by preheating to 425 F. Place the wraps on a sheet and bake it for ten minutes or until crisp.
  • In the meantime, heat the sweet red pepper relish on a saucepan and serve with the freshly-baked cheesy bacon wraps. The kids would surely have a field day during snack time.

The sweet red pepper relish can accompany any kind of food, in any kind of occasion, and in any kind of preparation. If you are running out of ideas, there are a number of recipes found in books and on the internet. If you get tired of those, creativity is just around the corner. Email us to give you some inspiration!

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