Have You Tried Our Sweet Red Pepper Relish?

Indulge yourself to the sun-kissed native flavors of the Mediterranean! This relish is made with the natural sweet peppers of Florina region, Greece, carefully selected one by one by hand to be perfect in shape  and size with no physical defects.

What does this mean? Simply put, each time we have a crop, we carefully inspect each pepper and it must pass our inspections before we accept it. We size the pepper. And we grade it for beauty.

Sometimes it will be scarred. We won’t accept it. Sometimes it will have a bulge on the stem. We won’t accept it.

You can see we really mean it when we say we accept only perfect Red Peppers.

These peppers are sun-dried naturally on cane beds for exactly 2 days, then stripped and cooked in oak wood stoves to absorb all the wood burning aroma.

We take extreme care when we process them into a fine relish too, so that we can enjoy and savour the taste ourselves, before we give it to you. If it is perfect from the first bite, we go on. If not, we keep working on it.

Fantastic as topping for bruschetta or crostini. Or spread over slices of flank steak – yummy!

Use it to season salads or add to crackers

Goes extremely well with yellow cheese such as cheddar

Urbangrains Sweet Red Pepper Relish

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