Sun Dried Tomatoes for All Seasons

Tomatoes are good antioxidants. They possess the carotene lycopene, the most powerful natural antioxidant in any other organic food. This fruit is also good for the skin because of its ability to improve the skin’s defense to UV rays. Tomatoes are good sources of vitamin C and vitamin A.

Organic, naturally-grown tomatoes are the best kind to maximize the health benefits of the fruit. Fresh tomatoes are a necessity in any kind of diet.  The winter season, however, poses a challenge when it comes to the supply of tomatoes. Fortunately, there is a way to have tomatoes all year round.

Sun dried tomatoes are ripe tomatoes that are dried up in the sun to lose a significant amount of water content. The tomatoes are salted before being exposed to sunlight to keep their quality. Sun drying is a process that maintains the nutritional value of tomatoes for a long time without it spoiling, especially during the winter season. Sun dried tomatoes may contain more salt, but it provides a big part of a day’s intake of vitamins and minerals.

Tomatoes can also be preserved in olive oil, but sun dried tomatoes are more practical. It can be used to make pasta sauce during the holidays or eaten on its own for snack time. It can be mixed into a spread for your crackers, or an appetizer for your dinners. It can be used in a lot of different dishes, as compared to the olive oil preservation method.  This type of preserved tomatoes can be easily used, since it retained the texture, taste and quality of regular tomatoes. Plus, storage space is reduced because these tomatoes decrease in size of the water content loss.

Even if they have physically been altered, these dried tomatoes still are beneficial in a lot of ways.  They carry the same nutritional value, even in the winter.

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