The 5  Hacks That Can Change The Way You Eat…Forever

Here is the thing – most of us do not have the time to deal with the kitchen (that means you, dear readers). Most of the times you simply do not know what to cook. Fear not! We have an awesome list of food preparing hacks that can save you a ton of time – check them out below:

1. Hail to Avocado!
Love dishes that call for cream, eggs, butter or cheese? Forget all of that. Makeover your dishes with just one simple fruit: avocado. Aside from adding a creamy consistency to dishes, avocado can up the fiber content and heart-healthy fats in your favorite recipes. We guarantee you are going to get more flavour and more goodness than ever.

2. Ditch the Pasta, welcome the vegetables!
This is by far the easiest way to cut down carbs, and if you combine it with the avocado trick above, you will have an amazing result! It is simple really – put into the over some broccoli, sprinkle a bit of cheese with some avocado and voila!

3. Make Dessert out of Beans.
Ok, ok – before you laugh your heart out, do not pass beans away. Having considerable amounts of  fiber, protein, and iron content, everyone should include more legumes in their diet. So we said – why not try to find some bean=made desserts? And we did. These desserts made of beans recipes will simply astonish  you.

4. Be More Greek
If you do read our blog, you will find that we are Mediterranean lifestyle advocates – and for a reason. It’s time to remove  all these heavy butter and  cream from your diet and, and gets some real levels of calcium, protein, and probiotics by using Greek yogurt. It can replace your normal mayonaise, sour cream or full fat milk for your recipes. We have added to beef in the pan, with just a little bit of oil, along with pepper, salt, nutmeg and a pinch of cinnamon and the result was a light, creamy plate!

5. Pack those salads
We bet that you buy ready-made salads in bags. If you do, then you have probably seen them go bad after a few days. Try this trick: divide your supermarket salad bag into two or four smaller plastic bags. Hold the opening with your hand and blow through your hand and into the bag to fill it with carbon dioxide. Then seal the bag by twisting the top a few times before closing it firmly with a twist tie. Place it in the fridge, and your greens are good to go.


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