The 7 Absolute Tips To Have A Healthy, Vibrant, Firm And Smooth Skin – Part 1

The skin, as any other organ, needs carbohydrates, proteins, fat, vitamins, metals and other nutrients, which are being used by your body so as to maintain a healthy, tight skin.

Apart of time, which we cannot control or stop, there are many more causes that make our skin grow old, like stress, too much tanning, atmospheric pollution, bad nutrition, smoking, alcohol and of course, not taking care of your skin on a daily basis.

If you want to look healthier and younger, you will need to make some necessary changes in your diet, which will include adding certain foods and avoiding those that accelerate getting old. Apart of a daily exercise, there are foods that have antioxidant properties and help you maintain a nice looking, tight, healthy skin.

For example, choosing fresh produce, whole foods, organic wherever possible, instead of choosing processed and packed foods, adds significant advantages to your skin.

Let’s find out what do we need to consume to achieve the necessary tightening of our skin:


1. Getting lots of water

Water plays an important part of our nutrition and its the main ingredient to help our body to hydrate. It helps getting rid of toxins and makes our skin more elastic. To maintain a properly hydrated skin, you need to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily, avoiding altogether sodas, alcohol and sugar.

Bear in mind that dehydrated cells make your skin looking old, tired and without glow, and for that reason, you just need water to recharge.

What you can do, is drink water in the morning, when you wake up, during meals, as well as during or after exercise.


Protein is the main building material of our body. It helps producing collagen, which in turn makes our skin more elastic.

When eating, you have to make sure that you consume at least one portion of protein each day so as to help tighten our skin. Protein can be found in most foods, but make sure it contains less fat by selecting meat such as chicken, cottage cheese, legumes, eggs and yoghurt. This will help you develop muscle (in a good way) and we will be protected from losing our precious curves.


3. Consuming Good Fat

Yes, there is good fat and bad fat. For example, olive oil contains good fat, where pork contains bad fat.

A great source of good fat is also Omega-3. As our body does not have the ability to produce its own Omega 3 fat, we have to provide it with foods that contain it. A great source of Omega 3 are the so called fatty fish (good fat that is), such as salmon, tuna, sardines) and grains.

Fish are great, but don’t overdo it. Consume small quantities of the above fish each week, as to help your cellular membranes which are the cornerstone of a healthy skin.

Vitamin E also helps skin look younger, hydrates it and makes it less dry. Foods like olive oil, avocado, and dried nuts such as unsalted almonds and walnuts protect the skin from getting old, due to their anti inflammatory properties, making the skin look firmer and smooth.

On our next blog post we will continue the discussion on how fruits, vegetables as well as planning your meals throughout the day can help you maintain your skin even better.

Until then, let us know of any feedback as well as how you maintain your skin. Follow us on Twitter to learn more tips and get updates on interesting posts and recipes!

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