Ok, in our last article we started discussing the key elements to make our skin look and feel healthy, smooth, and firm and we focused on proper nutrition and hydration.

Today we present you the last part of our article and how these three elements (actually they are three) can assist you even further to have a healthy skin.

5. Eating Your Fruit and Veg

Did you know that by eating a good, sizeable quantity of vegs and fruit, your skin will glow and will get that vibrant look that you see in ads? Fruits and vegs contain a lot of antioxidants, which help your skin get rid of the remains of atmospheric pollution. What’s important is that you have to consume them on a daily basis, because some of the main nutritious elements such as Vitamin -C are water soluble, and therefore they get “washed” from your system.

Tip: Bright colour veg and fruits (such as yellow peppers, oranges) have a high concentration of components that tend to make your skin firmer and heal it at the same time. All the yellow and orange coloured fruits have the largest concentration of Vitamin-B, which performs a very essential task – rejuvenation of cells.

Dark coloured veg and fruits, such as lettuce, refresh the skin, making it firmer.

6. “Eat Your Copper and Zinc!”

No, don’t laugh. These two elements boost the skin’s health, and keep collagen and elastin at optimum levels. Foods that contain copper and zinc are shrimps, mussels, octopus, chicken, cassious nuts, rice and walnuts.

7. Cofactor Q10

Cofactor Q10 exists in small quantities in oily fish, dried nuts and in meat. It has anti ageing properties, also causing the skin to be firmer. Scientists call it as “the anti aging factor”. When you include CO Q10 in your daily diet, your cells dispose  the toxins and once again, you will have a firmer skin.

If you are trying to maintain a good looking, smooth, healthy skin, your diet and nutrition is detrimental to your health, anyway. By staying away from food that is processed, contains a lot of salt, and lowering processed and refined sugar intake, you avoid skin related illnesses as well as looking older that you really are.

photo by: Jo Andre Johansen

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