If you belong to the category of people that are trying to lose weight for this summer, we believe we can help.

The secret to losing weight is to pay attention to the quality of food (and of course, the quantity you consume.

Read below, which are the 5 foods that are sabotaging your attempts to lose weight and start avoid them – tomorrow. 


1. Processed cereals

Cereal is going through various stages of processing before end up on supermarket shelves, even those that are only made of wheat.  Don’t let the “gluten free” type of cereals fool you – they are too heavily processed.  What you need to remember as a general rule, is the easier a food is decomposed in your stomach, the hungrier you feel.


2. Flavored Yogurts

Flavored yogurts are not the best ally when trying to lose weight. As some may be promoted to be fat -free, healthy and a good choice, they do contain sugar of equal quantity with candy! Try plain yogurt (Greek-style is one of the healthiest) and add berries, strawberries and cinnamon for an extra twist.


3. Bacon

Bacon is an especially fatty food, and contains elements that may block your arteries. It is definitely not your friend when dieting. If you want to eat something fried in the morning, avoid bacon and prefer a nice omelette using only the egg whites.


4. Protein bars

Most bars are not suitable for losing those unwanted pounds, because they contain sugar and trans fat. If your body asks for protein, then try to mix Greek-style yogurt with 10 almonds or walnuts. If you are on foot somewhere in Oxford street (or in Madison avenue – or wherever) and you need to buy a bar, chose those that are around 90 kcals, not more.  


5. Fruit smoothies

Did you know that recent scientific research pointed out that fruit juices, especially those you buy from the supermarket, are not healthy anymore, since they can raise your sugar levels sky-high? Best to avoid drinking them from now on. 

Since breakfast is the best meal of the day, you better have powerful allies by your side. The most proven foods you can choose are wheat seeds, yogurt, dried nuts (unsalted) egg whites, berries and non-processed foods.

photo by: Joits

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