The Five Things To Do in Autumn

Hey everyone!

Today is 1st of September 2015, and the Autumn officially starts. For most of us this means some re-organisation and getting focused on things that matter, such as the family, your career and your health.

Speaking of health, here are five things that you should do, starting today:

1. Take your sweaters out of the wardrobe. Put the summer clothes in, place them in bags. Even more, get your scarves and snuggly boots and give the latest a good polish.

sweater2. Get some autumn flowers. You can’t believe how your mood will change with the view of a few flowers in your home. Your spirits will be uplifted too! The Fall brings new flowers and with the heavy rainfall, flowers bloom out colourful making you…happy!

autumn flowers


3. Get some long walks. As the summer literally forced you to go outside and move, autumn and winter forces you to stay in, thus your exercise options are limited.

take a long walk


4. Get warmer. Make yourself a nice cup of tea, sit at your favorite chair and read a book. Get immersed, stop watching TV – it is all bad news lately. Or alternatively, prepare a nice hot chocolate and add a piece of marshmallow in (to celebrate autumn).

warm tea


5. Cook something healthy. Well, you can’t complain. This blog offers you a variety of choices over those two years of posting recipes. Just look at the recipe section here. We got you covered, from using olive oil,  to feta cheese, and many many more. For those who missed yesterday’s post, as it was Bank Holiday (we don’t blame you) our blog was nominated #30 in the Top 100 food blogs in the UK, by Raul Soto, a Guardian journalists. Thanks! 



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  • Raquel Boday  31st August 2016 at 12:02 pm

    I love your picture of the tree lines street of fall foliage . Would you kindly share where this was taken? Specific location would be greatly appreciated as I’d like to take my kids for their annual holiday photo .

    Thank you,



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