The Mediterranean Way Of Life – Part 6, Type of Foods Contd’.

In our last post we discussed some of the foods that make up the Mediterranean lifestyle – in this post we will continue listing them.

Protein Sources

This diet concentrates on availing proteins from sources that don’t have any associating with animals. Low-fat dairy products and poultry are eaten in very low moderation while red meat is rarely taken. Fish and other types of seafood such as salmon, tuna craw-fish and herring are the main source of proteins in this diet.

Furthermore, seafood contains omega-3 which has been hailed for reducing inflammation and enhancing the production of healthy skin and nerve cells. Again, eating fish can help you moderate your cholesterol levels, improving your blood pressure and protecting you against diabetes and heart diseases.

Healthy Fats

This diet advocates for the use of healthy mono-saturated fats to cook. In fact, the mono-saturated fats such as olive oil are used for cooking, baking as well as a condiment. The healthy mono-saturated fats in olive oil, replace the unhealthy saturated fats that pose great danger to the cardiovascular health. Again, virgin olive oil contains poly-phenols which have antioxidant properties. Raw nuts like walnuts, almonds and cashew-nuts are also taken to provide fat.

Red Wine

People who live in the Mediterranean region love taking wine, in fact, they incorporate wine in their meals especially dinner. Therefore, you should take a moderate amount of wine, especially red wine. Moreover, red wine contains antioxidant properties and can reduce blood clotting thus elevating the risk of strokes. Experts are of the opinion that drinking red wine can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Alongside the aforementioned foods to eat in a Mediterranean diet, make sure that you spice up your food with natural and beneficial herbs such as turmeric. Such spices make the food tasty and contain properties and nutrients that can promote your health. Knowing what foods to eat in the Mediterranean diet will definitely help you to make healthy food choices.


Next post, we are sure you are going to love it – what’s for breakfast, according to the Med diet?

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