The Middle Week: Bendy Tableware, Carved Spoons and a 20 minute meal!

One of the best products we came across, is these bendy cookware. Imagine this – you are in your kitchen trying to make a simple or a complicated dish, and suddenly you need all these equipment- somethng to wash your salad, dry it and then when you finish eating, a tupperware to store any leftovers – sound familiar?

Spanish product designer Berta Julià Sala designed Glop, a silicone line of kitchen accessories, to solve OUR problem  in the kitchen: if you calculate it, it will take you at least three or four bowls to prepare even a basic dish. If you have a small kitchen, that means more jostling around before dinner and more dishes to wash after.

Glop from Berta Julià Sala on Vimeo.

Carved Spoons!


As an industrial designer, Korntved Ruud knew little about woodworking when he started out, but he came with a solid pedigree. Growing up, the designer paid frequent visits to his grandfather’s woodworking shop, where he got some “basic” education in woodworking. Years later, Korntved Ruud’s grandfather began a tradition: Every Christmas he’d gift young Korntved Ruud a single woodworking tool.

This sparked Korntved’s imagination and started carving things, when nearly a year ago, Korntved Ruud resolved to improve his woodworking skills. “I thought that making some small object every day was a nice way to learn,” he says. “A colleague of mine said maybe you should make one every day for a year. And I said, ‘why not, let’s see what happens.’”

It wouldn’t be right to call Korntved Ruud obsessed, but the truth is, he spends a lot of time thinking about spoons. The designer has spent the past 355 days hand-carving his favored utensil out of wood. That’s one spoon every day for 355 days.

Called The Daily Spoon, of all the eating utensils in existence, Korntved Ruud likes his spoons best. Knives are great, and forks are fine. But it’s the spoon—with its curved bowl and elegant profile—that really excites the Norwegian designer. “It has a fascinating function,” he says. “Totally unique.”

See more here:

10 MINUTE MEAL: Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

After Easter celebrations, it is time to ease our stomach a little. You know, lower the red meat, increase greens and start preparing for summer (especially the beach appearance). Using olive oil, fresh lemon and a grilled chicken, you can really feel the difference:

We scouted the web and found a twist from the classic Caesar Salad, from Food52;

Caesar salad is a dish I never make at home and that I order at restaurants only on very rare occasions. I hardly ever crave it when dining out — unless it is the safest bet at a questionable establishment. Even then, I expect to be served a gloppy, cheesy plate. It’s not really a meal to me — it’s an easy solution.

I set about changing that tune with this recipe: It’s a simple chopped salad of grilled greens, chicken, and bread, flecked with briny anchovy paste and flakes of cheese, and brightened with a generous squeeze of lemon. The result is crisp, fresh, and vibrant, and the flavor of the lettuce holds strong despite the bold flavors and textures. Consider me converted.

Read the entire recipe here:

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