The Truth About Sugar

During the 70s and the 80s people believed that consuming sugary foods caused antisocial behavior to both kids and adults (and back in the 60s, smoking was recommended by doctors – but this is another story).

As scientific research intensified in the 90s, it was assumed once again that can modify behavior either because it changes the concentration of chemicals in our brain, which affects the mood, or because it contributes to the reduction of the rest of the nutrients intake.

Each result was contradictory to one another. So far, no research has ever been able to show if sugar has a clear effect to the behavior of normal or hypertensive kids.

If you look at the problem from a different perspective, though, we would ay that there are many reasons to lower the daily sugar intake, as it is clear that it can cause tooth decay and provide us with unecessary calories.

How does it appear on product labels

It comes in different forms. When you see that the sugar content is unusually high, we recommend to avoid consuming it. So here is a list of how sugar exists in most products:

  • Brown sugar
  • Sweetener or corn syrup
  • Dextrose
  • Fructose
  • Concentrated fruit juice
  • Inverted sugar
  • Matose
  • Barley syrup
  • Mollases
  • Raw sugar
  • Syrup

If I use sugar substitutes, will I lose weight?

Sugar substitutes such as sorbitol, aspartame and others are in reality, components of many ingredients. They do not contain many calories so they can be useful to people that want to reduce their calorie intake, However, you must be very careful when you select sugar substitutes, as most times they really do not contain less calories from products with real sugar. So be careful.

No sugar gum

Most times, additives like sorbitol, aspartame, manitol or xylitol, are  sugar substitutes in various sweets, contain half the calories as your body absorbs them slowly and not all at once. However, as it is stated on their packaging “excessive consumption can result in shock”. It has been noted that a few consumers appeared to have diarrhea, especially when they consumed large quantities of these products.

How can I reduce the sugar I consume, since I have a sweet tooth?

Well, people are born with their love for sugar within their system (well, most of – at least). Unfortunately the answer is… change your habit. If for example you switched from drinking cow milk to goat, or from full fat you went to 1% fat, then it is a matter of habit.

Truth is, we are accustomed to eat ready made foods, forgetting what the real, natural taste is. Maybe it is time to train our palate too?

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