Trying To Loose Weight (even last minute?) Five Foods That You Shouldn’t Eat!

If you are still trying to shed a few pounds just in time for August, then we have some news for you. Nutritionists say that you shouldn’t forbid yourself from eating certain foods that will contribute to maintaining your wasteline.

At the end of the day, we narrowed things down to a just a few foods that you should avoid, at least when you are trying to loose weight, that is!

#1. Frozen Foods

Banquet Chicken Fried Beef Steak Meal

Here is what the problem lies: to make foods last longer in the freezer, food manufacturers add sodium (which is all natural by the way). However, when you consume sodium, it makes your body retain water for longer – and that bloats you up. That means…goodbye sillouette :-(

#2 . The Myth of Low Fat Foods


Are you a consumer who is tricked by the food industry to consume low fat products with the promise that you will also consume less calories? If you are reading this blog, you are not! Research says that when you eat low fat foods, you consume more that 30 percent more food – trying to feel full. Why? When manufacturers remove the fat from food, flavor is also removed (or at least a part of it). To make it more flavorsome, they add sugar! So what kind of low fat are we taking about? Better avoid low fat!

#3. Natural Juices

Jamba All Natural Smoothies

Juices in our familiar cardboard bottles, contain absolutely no fibers. Fibers are important to your body and by not having fiber you just drink an empty flavor “water” with sugar and lots of calories. In addition, those juices contain fructose, the natural sugar that is incuded in all fruits and makes them taste sweet, which tricks your body into gaining weight. It is better to juice a few oranges or make a smoothie from fresh fruits than buy the ready made juices.

#4. Alcohol


Go to any nutritionist asking for advice and you will not find a soul that will tell you to drink. Unfortunately, alcohol is not weight loss friendly:-(

It contains lots of calories, and has no nutrients – therefore, its is not good for you when trying to loose weight. As a result, it makes you overeat. How does it do that? Well, when alcohol is in your body, it is treated … like a toxin! So your body wants to expell it from your body and your liver starts to do overtime. With your liver overworking, it can’t burn fat, but is trying to get rid the alcohol. So avoid drinking alcohol when losing weight.

#5.  Snacking With Carbs


When you eat your mid-day snak (or any other snak for that matter) which contains only carbs (see crackers, cereals, bread, rice cakes, bars), your body converts the  carbs into sugars and these are redirected right into your blood stream. When this happens you have a sugar rush, and your body is forced to higher insulin production, which makes your body to absorb the sugar, right there and then. The result? You have a low blood sugar but you still feel hungry, and you have the rush to eat more sugar to satisfy your cravings. So avoid eating just carb-snacks:-)


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