If you are a blogger, a journalist or you simply want to have your opinion be seen by our growing community, we welcome your contributions. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Word count: Posts typically run between 250 and 800 words. Feel free to exceed them.
  • Tone: Inclusive, friendly and generally positive with no jargon.
  • Original Content: All posts submitted must be unique and original to Urbangrains. We do not accept posts that have already been published or submitted elsewhere online or that you plan to distribute to other websites, unless you curate them, but in this case, your comments should be original and not the same with other posts in other blogs.
  • Do not apply if your sole purpose is SEO-driven submissions: No articles will be accepted for the sole purpose of linking up keywords in an effort to boost SEO. DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER CONTACTING US if you you work in a link farm. If your submission or bio references or promotes a business or service that is not in line with our Mediterranean diet and healthy philosophy (for example, promoting weigh loss pills or an ebook), then wdo not bother applying.
  • Bio & Promo: As we do not compensate contributors for posts, please include a byline and your brief bio containing “do follow” links to your website, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter accounts, which we will promote when your post goes live. Please keep your bio to just 2-3 sentences.
  • Health claims: Please support any statistic or a study in your article by including a link to that source.
  • Your posts must help readers learn and feel inpired to take action. While there aren’t strict guidelines about the type of posts we feature, we find that recipes, advice pieces, and personal essays about a major transformation are well received by our readers. Any advice articles that provide tips to improve health, happiness and nutrition will have a great response.
  • Photos: Please provide photos with your posts. These should be at least 715 pixels wide by 400 pixels tall.
  • Recipes: Please include an original, high-quality photo of your prepared dish, ideally a close-up. Please include serving size, ingredients (including measurements) and step by step directions on how to prepare the recipe.
  • Urbangrains food photo guidelines: In an effort to keep our photos consistent in style, please keep in mind the following when submitting:
    • Neutral dishes and backgrounds work best.
    • Photos should be taken on a clean, natural surface such as white marble, white, light grey or natural wood or just a clean white surface. Linen and slate are also nice.
    • We are looking for the food photos to exude the beauty of good, real, whole foods.
    • Close-up shots are preferable when you think the food is yummy.

1. Has this already been covered on Urbangrains ?

We feature a wide range of topics on our blog. Please take a look on the archives before your submit your article.

2. Is my article inspiring?

Today, people have the attention span of a goldfish. A good title has the potential to grab their attention and make them want to read your article. Your title must have the ability to grab their attention and the curiocity to click.

3. Is my first paragraph succinct?

You only get one chance to make a first impression! Does your introductory sentence make the reader want to continue? Does your first paragraph tell the reader very clearly and succinctly what the article will be about?

4. Am I offering actionable tips?

Around 2,000 visitors per month (and growing) come to Urbangrains’ site to read our posts and find solutions on how to cook good food, for their health, and change their lifestyle. A great piece will provide tips that they can implement easily.

Please email us the following if you’re ready to submit:
  • Your full post or if you are still writing it, the idea behind it.
  • Any relevant images for your post as separate files, and not pasted within a document. Please only send images that you own.
  • If you include an article, please make sure it is a word file, or paste it directly on your email. We do not accept pdfs for posts.
  • Your brief bio (less than 120 words) with links to your website, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter pages. Please put any relevant links in brackets like this both in your bio, and in the article
  • A headshot or photo of you to use for your bio.

Please send all of the above to marketing@urbangrains.net