You Would Never Believe How This Culinary Herb Helps Fight Inflammation

Traditionally, culinary herbs were used by cooks to add flavor  – but did you know that long time ago, they also used them to preserve and enhance the healthfu properties of foods. From having consentrated sources of antioxidants, to being antibacterial.

Today, our chosen culinary herb is Rosemary, which has proven anti-inflammation properties.

Rosemary is good to be used as a natural antiseptic, as it conteins two very useful acids, the “caffeic” and rosemarinic acids which have both antioxidant and antinflammantory properties.

Lets explore the antioxidant properties first: helping reducing inflammation, it can also helps reducing the risk of asthma, liver disease, as well as heart disease.

Now, a few of the wonderful benefits of this herb, is being a herb, you can use it as a tea. I bet you didn’t know that… When drink it or gargle with it, Rosemary can help fight gum disease as well as relieve your sore throat – add some pine honey for better results.

If you have an upsetting stomach, make it a tea, with no sugar – it will calm your nerves and your stomach.

How To Use Rosemary

Culinary-wise, you can rub meats, such as lamb before you cook them.

Add to potatoes, before you roast them

Wonderful addition to vegetables, such as peas, beans, mushrooms

Add it to extra virgin olive oil to infuse and cause all its essential flavors to give a wonderful taste and aroma to the oli itself. Here is an  dead-simple, ancient recipe I found while reading Dipnosophistae, (Food Philosophers) a book written 3,000 years ago. Link

As a medicinal tea, use 1 tablespoon of dried rosemary in 175ml (a cup) of boiling water and brew for 5 mnutes. Drink while hot.

Organic Rosemary By Urbangrains

Organic Rosemary By Urbangrains

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